June 18th, 2019

Women of Valor Ministries

Reaching Women throughout the World…Edifying, Strengthening, Encouraging, and Teaching, that they may be a blessing to the Kingdom of God,  their families, their churches, and their communities…called to purpose in Jesus Christ.

  • The ministry held quarterly women’s conferences beginning in March 2009; conferences were held in various locations with women attending from many ministries, churches, counties in Florida, and cities throughout the United States
    • The conferences were multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual with presenters representing 5 countries and 3 continents in the world
    • More than 400 women and girls were impacted by the 2009 conferences with reports from attendees that their lives have never been the same since attending
    • Women are reporting that they have stepped up to a new level in their walk with Christ, and the ministry to which they are called; even family lives have positively changed.
  • Women of Valor Ministries in America embraced an expanded vision from God found in Luke 14:12-23 to minister to women in various shelters (homeless, transitional housing, battered women) and other places that counsel and assist hurting women
    • The ministry waived conference fees and provided transportation to women in the shelters who would not otherwise be able to attend.
    • Gift bags were also provided, and in January 2010 Lydia’s Closet for clothes was birthed—providing clothes for women in need.
  • Women of Valor Ministries – Kenya was stated with 50 women committing to the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the ministry
    • The women receive bi-monthly lessons and the President of WOV-Kenya presents the lessons and activities
    • The ministry is now in two cities in Kenya, and the women are experiencing a tremendous Spiritual growth; families’ lives are changing; marriages and being strengthened, and the church is benefiting from the Spiritual growth of the women
      • Outreach efforts are being planned and realized
      • The women are also planning to start a  business co-op
      • Other ideas and plans for the ministry are coming forth

Comments from Women attending the Quarterly Conferences:

“What an awesome move of God throughout the entire day!  My life will never be the same after attending this conference.  I cannot wait for the next one!”  (From January 2010 Conference)

“It was a pleasure and an honor to be a part. Thank you again and again for inviting and my team. I know lives were touched more than you will ever imagine.  There were questions and comments about subjects that we think most Christians are knowledgeable about.  God open the eyes of women to new dimension of his kingdom.  Souls being restored and so much more…..”  (From March 2009 Conference)

“All I can say about the conference is Thank You and Thank God for using you!  My life has changed.  My mind has cleared.  My potential has been viciously released.  My purpose is clear.  My joy, complete.  And my territory enlarged.  Bless you woman of God…woman of valor!” (From March 2009 Conference)

“When I came in today, I could barely walk; my heart was enlarged and strained from a disease I inherited from my mother.  When you called for prayer, I felt compelled to come forward.  I felt the power of God surge through me, and my heart stopped hurting immediately; the pain left my entire body—I had been in constant pain for many years; the swelling went down in my feet and I can now walk better than I have in my adult years!  Praise God!” (From March 2009 Conference)

“I thank God for placing it in your heart to do these women conferences, and for your obedience to Him.  Since I attended the conference, I have moved to a new level in God.  My territory has expanded, and I am focused again on what God has for me to do.” (From October 2009 Conference)