June 18th, 2019

Excerpt from the Pastor of New Testament Mission (August 27, 2009)

I would like to take this moment to thank you for obeying God when He said," Go to Haiti." Believe me you were a blessing and you continue to be. No one has ever ministered to our people like you do. Your commitment for the cause of Christ is tremendous. You have set a good example that every one should follow. There can't be fruit in one’s ministry unless he is wiling to pay the price. My wife admires you a lot and she said you are very devoted for the cause of Christ. She could not believe you stay without food for so long. Only God could help you do that. People are still coming to testify that they have been healed during your ministry there.

Haiti Ministry

  • Took first ministry trip to Haiti in August 2009; visited New Testament Mission in LaCroix, Haiti
  • Preached in Nightly Revivals and Sunday Service to several hundred members and  visitors during one week of services
  • Taught in the first Youth Conference at New Testament Mission
  • Conducted daily prayers for those in attendance
    • Reports of many people being healed from sickness and disease; some of whom had long-term illnesses
    • People delivered from demonic oppression
  • Gave a Prophetic Word from God to the church nightly through the Revival Services –
    • New Testament Mission was told that God was going to turn Haiti around soon; that He was going to get the greatest harvest of souls from Haiti that the country had ever seen
      • The earthquake in Haiti in January of 2010 was the beginning of the Prophecy to New Testament Mission coming to pass.
      • It has been reported that 2,000 people in Port-au-Prince have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior; hundreds of people in surrounding areas have also received Jesus as their Savior; and the ground is very fertile for ministry in Haiti at this time.  Hallelujah!
    • It was also prophesied to New Testament Mission that they would be used mightily by God to  bring forth a Spiritual Awakening in Haiti; and they would be the central place for the rebuilding of the walls of Haiti (this was prophesied in August 2009, before the earthquake in 2010)
      • Many people from Port-au-Prince are now migrating to LaCroix, where New Testament Mission has become a focal place for healing and restoration