Crusade Magengo August 2007

August 6-12th, New Life Foundation of Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa and El Shaddai Christian Center in the Assemblies of God churches of Tanzania, along with visiting Minister Sharon Savage (a called Prophet of God) from Walk by Faith Ministries in Orlando, Florida took the town of Magengo by storm. 

A mission to reach the lost and free the captives

We hosted a crusade in cooperation with several local churches in a large open public area.  Hundreds of people decided to give their lives to the Lord and many were healed of various diseases and set free of demonic influences, in accordance with the Word of God.


In the days following the crusade, the local churches we were working with each held seminars for these new Christians as they learn to live their news lives in Christ Jesus. During the few days before the crusade and all during the crusade, Fountain of Love and El Shaddai Christian Center (Assemblies of God Tanzania) also conducted seminars.  More than 25 pastors from Tanzania planned the seminars and crusade for Minister Savage to preach, teach, and heal during her 10-day stay in Tanzania. For the first 3 days, the seminar was for women.  

See this Muslim man go from listening to the message from behind the stage, to coming to the front to hear what giving your life to Jesus means, to asking Jesus to be his personal savior.  This is just one example of the hundreds of people who came forward each night to give their lives to God.

Minister Sharon Savage and Pastor Josephine Shoo were the teachers who taught the women about the importance of knowing the calling on their lives and God’s purpose in creating them.  The women were very responsive and grateful to hear such wonderful teachings. There were approximately 70 or more present every day of the three days.

During the next 3 days, the seminar was for church leaders. There were 250 pastors and other ministry leaders from many churches in attendance (some as far away as Kenya).  Sharon taught about the need to carry on making disciples of people after they are saved.  She also taught about how to use the gifts God has placed in each local body to edify the church and glorify God—the five-fold ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, and the nine supernatural gifts of the Spirit. It was an exciting time for the leaders to study the Word and what it says about leading the flock.  In each of the seminars there were times when the participants were able to break into groups to discuss the issues being taught as well as to ask questions of the teachers.  Both seminars were very helpful to open the eyes of people to walk in their calling and to follow godly principles of leadership and living.

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